Accreditation. Get The Facts.

When you are pursuing a career in beauty, the school you go to matters.

Everything from the curriculum that is taught, to the experience of the educators can impact the education that you receive, as well as the career you may find yourself in. It’s one of the major reasons that finding a school that fits with your dreams, and is ready to help you reach them, is so important.

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Maplewood we know that understanding what goes into beauty school quality can be confusing! Everything from products, to curriculum, to accreditation and accolades can take a role in the quality of a school.

Are you ready to break it down?

We are ready to help! With our dedication to our students and to their futures being a huge part of our culture, we want you to feel confident in your school choice, and in the path you have found yourself on. Your future is what you make it, it’s our job to help make the journey beautiful.

If you have further questions, make sure to reach out to our admissions coordinator and schedule your tour today, we would love to help you find a choice that you are confident in.

Brand Affiliation

Redken Diamond Academy - TSPA

Having a school that is aligned with a national product brand is actually very common. After all, schools want to give their students access to the very best brands as they prepare them for a new career.

Sometimes it is more than just product, however. Often those brand affiliations come with additional support and product knowledge that can further impact the education of future professionals. Our relationship with Redken does just that for our school and for our students. With access to additional training opportunities, a Redken based cutting system, and amazing products that have influenced cosmetology students for generations, we are proud to be recognized for Excellence in Education by Redken.

National Accreditation

There are a few national accrediting bodies that are recognized by the department of education for monitoring trade school standards and regulations. These standards stretch across graduation rates, facility standards, teacher experience and more. At its core accreditation affiliation is required for a school to be able to accept federal student funding.

It is often thought of as a “golden banner” when a school is accepted into an accrediting family. However, because these applications and approvals can often take multiple years for both application and approval, it is definitely not a definitive seal of approval.

Often, schools are meeting (and even exceeding) the requirements to be recognized by an accrediting body long before their accreditation is official.

If you have any questions about accreditations, or would like to discover how the standards of your school align with those required, we suggest you schedule a time to sit down with your admissions coordinator. We would love to answer any questions you may have.

Franchise Association


National accreditation bodies are not the only thing that can positively affect a schools standards. As part of a franchise like TSPA we are required to meet certain education, facility, and graduation rate requirements not only to uphold the standards of our brand, but deliver a quality education to our students.

At TSPA Maplewood we are proud to be a part of The Salon Professional Academy family. Not only because we believe in the mission and goals of the school, but because we want to positively impact cosmetologist for generations to come.

Program Focuses

Often schools will have different programs or focuses that could impact the education and future of the students. If you want to go into bridal hair and makeup for example you may want to make sure that the school you are going to has makeup either included in their cosmetology program or as an additional course.

Talk to your admissions coordinator to see what is offered at your school. They will help you know how additional focuses and options can positively affect you and help to make your future exactly what you would like it to be.

Are you ready to create your own beautiful future?

At The Salon Professional Academy, Maplewood, we want each of our students to feel supported as they reach for their dreams. It’s why we strive to create a program that helps them do just that.

If you have more questions about how we have done that, or what goes into our schools quality, please don’t hesitate to ask! Come in for a tour, and chat with our educators and students and discover for yourself what makes TSPA the school for you.

Are you ready to begin your journey, let’s take the first step together.

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